"Technology and agricolture: a winning combination"



"In this website ISISS Geymonat’s students present some real and local examples which show how new technologies can support traditional agriculture in order to offer high-quality sustainable food."


Besides by traditional purification plants, waste water purification can be accomplished by a new-concept system reproducing the self-purification process proper to wet areas and acquatic environments.
This process, called phytopurification, is already employed in several situations and with relevant advantages, first of all its ecologic impact.

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New technologies offer everybody the opportunity to know issues related to agriculture and land management in a new and fast way: websites, blogs, online games, company management simulators …are all tools that allow everybody to become aware consumers of the resources of our planet.

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Biological control is a technique that exploits the relationship of antagonism between living organisms in order to contain the harmful populations.
This technique has evolved for agricultural purposes and generally applies in the field of food for crop protection, but can be used in any context that requires the control of populations of any organism.

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Within 2050 the world population will exceed 9 billion people. It will be necessary to rapidly increase the production of food in order to give everyone the opportunity to be fed without damaging the environment and the natural resources on which agriculture is based. How can this be done? Some aid could come from introducing new varieties of plants that can guarantee higher yields or grow in unfavorable conditions.

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In the last years the reseach of new materials has been more important than ever, which may let us protect the planet by keeping productivity high. Objects made of peat, cork, ceramic, coconut's fiber, biodegradable plastic can replace traditional tools in cultivation, both at home and on industrial scale.

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Solar power is used to produce hot water and electric energy, but it can also become an integral part of our production activities: just think about how much money can be saved by installing a photovoltaic system on a surface as large as that of the roof of a greenhouse intended for industrial production.

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Vertical Farms

Vertical Farms represent the future of sustainable agriculture. On a planet where the cultivable land is decreasing and the population increases exponentially, Vertical Farms are probably a good solution to the problem of food.
Vertical Farms consist in constructing buildings for the indoor cultivation of main agricultural products, using innovative ideas achievable with the help of modern technology.

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