What it is about

Today, we can easily buy products meant to support the agricultural activity, made of innovative materials.
Bioplastic can be used in mulching (covering the ground in order to prevent weeds from growing, to keep the ground humid, to protect the soil from erosion). Peat vases can be used in planting little plants without removing their biodegradable vases. EM ceramic, thanks to the microorganisms that it contains, can be used to purify water and improve its quality.


The research of new materials to be used in agricolture is concentrated in zero-impact substances. They use natural and renewable elements and, at the same time, they respect the enviroment and reduce the pollution.
For example, EM ceramic revitalises all organisms: it purifies air and water from polluting agents and pathogenic bacteria. It is insoluble so it can be used continuously, avoiding any waste.
Instead, vases made of torba and cloths made of mater-BI (bioplastic) are completely and easily biodegradable; their use avoids other materials which would have a heavier environmental impact.

Close to us

We have checked first-hand the actual advantages, both practical and ecological, that these new materials offer. In particular, as you can see in the video, we tested the peat pots, comparing them to common plastic pots. The farmer reduce the planting time and the stress that plants have to suffer during the transplantation.
They are readily available tools because in our region there are many companies that produce them and companies that distribute them even retail.