What it is about

Today, all over the world, billions of people are able to connect themselves to the Worl Wide Web and find a lot of informations.
More and more non-profit associations, networks of producers or consumers, research Institutes (public or private ones) take the great opportunity of the Web and through the Internet reach a lot of people to show their activities, their projects, the results of their research.
It is a huge amount of information available to citizens:
why not learning and becoming well-informed consumers?


This way, even small businesses manage to make themselves known to a wider public without spending too much money on advertising campaigns and at the same time respecting the environment.
Here, you can find three examples of websites about food: the first is a biological farm’s website, the second refers to an awareness campaign promoted by the European Union, the third is a virtual business simulator made by students of an Italian university.

Close to us

"Ortobiobroggini" is a small farm whose produce is certified as being organic. It lies in Calcinate del Pesce, near Varese.
In this farm fruits and vegetables are organically grown, and a small shop is found here, where land products are sold.
School groups can participate in activities and projects about agricolture, environmental protection, the quality of our food and our life.

"Food We Want"is an awareness campaign of the EU that takes place in 8 Countries aiming to share ideas, to promote common solutions, to arouse a debate on the future of food.
In Italy the main supporter of this project is Oikos Institute, among whose purposes there is to promote education initiatives for sustainability.
Food We Want website offers the possibility to know analysis , research , initiatives , debates , contests , news and much more about food, its production and consumption in an engaging and interactive way.

"Systemic Food Design" is an interactive “game” (though it is much more than a game) created by students of the course in "Gastronomic Science of the University of Pollenzo (CN)" in partnership with Comieco.
Users can imagine to be a small business owner and they have to make all the decisions to start up their activity considering every choice they make and its consequences:
they can produce quality food and maintain their company only making “good decisions” (for their business and for our environment)!