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This website is characterized by a popular approach and is directed to young people and adults, even those without a specific scientific education.


The two souls of the ISISS Geymonat of Tradate meet in our work: the one that has a scientific vocation is represented by the students from the course of the High School of Applied Sciences (which, in particular, have worked on the research and drafting of the contents of this site), while the "technological" vocation is represented by the students of Computer Science and Telecommunications attending the courses in Technical Education (which, in detail, have worked on the implementation of the website).
We have tried to keep in mind what characterizes us since the choice of the developing content; this is why, under the theme "The Future of Food", we have chosen to illustrate how combining agriculture and technology, today more than ever, constitutes a resource for a more sustainable, quality development of agriculture.
We came to identify some examples by searching the web on the territory (which we have considered significant); this has allowed us to understand in a very practical, direct way what the "new" technologies at the service of agriculture consist of, what benefits they offer and where we can already see them successfully implemented. We have got to know entrepreneurial, profit-conscious but also environment-friendly realities, open to the future and respectful of the past; we have visited research centers and innovative systems for water purification; we have personally tested materials whose existence we didn't know about and whose functionality amazed us.
We have attempted to use a rigorous language while developing the different sections of the site, but at the same time understandable to a large and mixed public eager to learn more about the past, the present and the future of food, as anybody visiting EXPO 2015 will be.


To consult this website you need only an updated browser. You can view it from every digital device (like pcs, tablets, smartphones) ad you can simply reach it through the dedicated link (
All the subjects mentioned in the different sections were contacted by us during the project’s development, and they allowed us to use the information and/or documents we had requested.
The public and educational purpose of the project allows the organizers of EXPO and anyone interested to re-use it immediately, though under the obligation to quote the Geymonat Institute (whose students and teachers have developed it).


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